Collecting the information for the databases to be migrated and doing the pre checks for the validation of data and getting the info for the roles, table spaces, grants and executing them in target by using scripts from toad. Creating the ART requests for the user tablespaces and schemas to be migrated and migrating of Databases using Data pump for export and import. Configuration of Golden Gate bidirectional Sync between DB2 and Oracle and from oracle to Azure dB and from azure to db2 dba and testing and monitoring the sync. Writing scripts to automate the implementation of all the applications with oracle instances in various environments (DEV, QA, and PROD). Configuration of AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and Database subnet group for isolation of resources within AWS RDS and working AWS DMS for Migrating Oracle databases Migration of databases from oracle to Postgres and from Postgres to Oracle. and doing the post checks after the migration like checking synonyms, grants tablespaces and size. Planned backup and Recovery Strategies and Performed Backup and Recovery activities (archive log Mode and No Archive log Mode) using RMAN, DATAPUMP, EXP/IMP Utilities. Creating and maintaining of Standby databases (Data Guard) for High Availability. Analysing STATSPACK/AWR/ADDM reports for optimization of DB performance periodically. Involving in designing new structures/procedures/views/functions/triggers for development and data migration from production to reports using PL/SQL. Applying SP (Service Pack)/ Hot Fixes on SQL Server Instances to address security and upgraded related issues. Performing database and SQL/T SQL Performance Tuning and writing SQL/T-SQL queries, Stored-Procedures, functions, and Triggers. Creating materialized views to improve the query performance of some monthly jobs. Performing Databases Refresh and Schema level refresh as per the User request from Production to UAT and DEV Environments for testing purposes. Providing on call support 24/7 for the app team for any production issues.

Key Responsibilities:

Minimum Requirements

EDUCATION REQUIRED: Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science/Engineering or IT Related Fields TRAINING REQUIRED: None. EXPERIENCE REQUIRED: 5 years’ experience in Oracle DBA/Related Occupation SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: Applicants must be willing to relocate to unanticipated client locations within USA

Short Info

  • Posted: 18 days ago
  • Industry: IT
  • Job function: Oracle Database Administrator (Oracle DBA)
  • Application Deadline: 16.06.2021